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July 21, 2024

For the second time since the creation of Plant Sound Immersion, we are inviting the men to join us.  In this weekend immersion we will dive into spiritual  healing with sacred plants and sound which is based on the cosmology of the Santo Daime tradition.  


It’s an amazing way to recalibrate  and re- regulate our nervous systems and ourselves. This co-ed container is a safe and secure space held by experienced facilitators with decades of experience. 


This is a branch of the work of the Santo Daime which is based in Healing, prayer, music, mediumship and sacred plants of power. The Santo Daime tradition that comes from the western amazon in Brazil and is a church, spiritual school and Space for connection to nature, our spiritual connection to nature and spiritual healing. 

Plant Sound Immersion Facilitators


Jana Nicol Luz

Ceremony Leader

Spiritual Coach

IG: @jana.nicol.luz



Clairvoyant Medium

Sound Healer

IG: @alignandshinekauai

Jana Nicol Luz 

Jana has been working within  the healing arts for almost  30 years. She has worked very closely with her mentors over the past 25 years in the lineage of the Santo Daime, Umbandaime and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi. She has been leading in facilitating spiritual works with plant medicine for the past 10 years within her spiritual community of Kauai. Some of her teachers include Madrinha Rita Gregorio de melo (Santo Daime)Madrinha Júlia ( Santo Daime) Mãe Baixinha (Umbanda) Maria Alice (Umbandaime), mother Cedella Marley booker ( mother of Bob Marley/ Rastafari), Aunty Margaret Machado and Nerita Machado ( Hawaiian Lomi Lomi) 


Judea is medium, intuitive energy healer, and sound therapist living on the island of Kauai.  She has been working with and continuously deepening her study of the healing power of sound for nearly 20 years.  Much of her intuitive work is focused around addressing pathways of flow in the soul matrix and helping those who work with her to dispel, transform, move, and integrate energies for deeper healing.  She has had a talent for playing and composing music since childhood, and shares insights and messages from spirit through song.  Her sound journeys create a supportive container for exploring aspects of self with non-judgment, compassion, and clarity, and gently carry one back home to their grounded center, with a new found sense of completion, alignment, wisdom, and wellbeing.  

 Those who live outside of Kauai are welcome to attend, though you will need to provide your own travel and accommodations.

(Exact location on east side Kauai TBA to registered attendees). 


This event is open to both men and women.

Accommodations are not included.




7:00 AM - 7:00 PM

TBA ~ Prepare for a long day.

The rituals will be with sacred plant medicines, Santo Daime, Sananga and Rapè however sometimes during the weekend we will explore working with them homeopathically so we can better tune in to our own sensitivities and receive messages from our spiritual guides and each other. 


This is not the traditional way that we usually work in our lineage.  However, we are working with tradition as a foundation in order for us to explore in a more relaxed manner the spaces in our self which need nurturance and healing.


Cost to attend:  $275

(Limited Spacing)

Location on east side Kauai TBA (Anahola Area)

Please take note that our application process has changed:

~ There is no deposit required to apply, but please only apply only if you intend on attending upon acceptance.  


~ If you are new to working with us, you will need to fill out a health questionnaire to determine your eligibility to attend.  If you have worked with us in the past, but are taking any new medications or have any new health concerns please resubmit the health questionnaire for review.  If you have already attended a past event and there is no new information to provide you do not need to fill out this form.

~ Upon acceptance to attend you will be sent 2 waiver forms to electronically sign.  Every attendee must sign both documents for each event, regardless if they have been signed before.  This is to insure that all attendees are well informed on our policies and updates to those policies.

~ After the documents are signed you will be sent a payment link to secure your seat.

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