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Let us gather with sacred plants and healing music. Plant Sound Immersion retreats are a collaborative journey that is focused on the feminine connection and balance to the earth, her elements and the healing guides of each of us. We will be exploring a mix of healing modalities that come from deep within the Amazon, African, and Hawaiian cultures as well as ancient futuristic technologies.  This event is a women’s collaboration, of whom the facilitators have been on a lifelong journey working and healing, song, plant medicines, and other clairvoyant gifts. This is an offering for seekers and practitioners of all levels.

The Plant Sound Immersion Documentary
Watch this video to get a more insight into the what you may expect at one of our retreats.

Amazonian Flower Essences with Julia
Julia gives us a brief introduction to the Amazonian Flower Essences system, which are one of the healing tools we use to support our work during the retreats. 

Future Plant Sound Immersion Retreats


Our application will allow you to request placement in just one or up to all of the future Plant Sound Immersions for 2024.  There is no application fee.  Health questionnaires are required for individuals who have never attended one of our events or need to update medical information. Upon approval you will need to sign 2 waiver forms and make your initial deposit to confirm your seat.  Seats are limited and applications are processed in the order they are received.  The approval process to individual events will begin at least 4 months prior to each event to allow time for travel arrangements and payment plans.  More information on individual events will be updated as planning is finalized.

April 5-8 KAUAI

Men & Women's 4 Day Retreat

Starts @ 3:00 pm Friday April 5 ~ Ends 4:00 pm Monday April 8. This will be our first invitation for the men to apply. Accommodations NOT Included. $777 To Attend ~ $150 Deposit


April 12 - 15 KAUAI

Women's 4 Day Retreat

Starts @ 3:00 pm Friday April 12 ~ Ends 4:00 pm Monday April 15. Accommodations NOT Included. $777 To Attend ~ $150 Deposit


June 7 - 10 UKIAH, CA

Women's 4 Day Retreat

Starts @ 3:00 pm Friday June 7 ~ Ends 4:00 pm Monday June 10. Communal sleeping accommodations & camping is included. Registered participants will be offered upgraded accommodations for an additional fee. $1222 To Attend ~ $250 Deposit ~ payment plan offered.


June - July PILGRIMAGE TO BRAZIL (More information TBA)

Open to Men & Women

Sometime between June 12 - July 15 (TBD) we will be offering a very limited attendance to a 2-3 week pilgrimage to Brazil, to visit the very root of where the lineage of our work began and meet some of the elders from whom the work of Plant Sound Immersion was inspired. This will be a very intense journey deep into the Amazon of Brazil and will include attending several official Works of Santo Daime.This pilgrimage is only open to those who have attended past Plant Sound Immersions, and are meant for those who are truly interested in deepening their understanding of the spiritual school of Santo Daime. If you are able to attend one of our immersions before June you are also welcome to apply. There will be a $1000 hosting fee for organizing and safely leading you through this pilgrimage. All travel expenses, flight, food, and accommodations will be your responsibility. Once in Brazil, the cost of things are very cheap, and there will be humble accommodations throughout the travel. This is a pilgrimage, and not an all inclusive retreat experience. More detailed information will be sent to those who express interest in attending.


August 22 - 27 KAUAI (More information TBA)

Women's 6 Day Retreat

Starts @ 3:00 pm on Thursday August 22 ~ Ends @ 4:00 pm on Tuesday August 27. Communal sleeping accommodations & camping are included. $1222 To Attend ~ $250 Deposit ~payment plan offered.


September BIG ISLAND, HAWAII (More information TBA)

Women's 4 Day Retreat

Exact dates to be determined. Starts on a Friday @ 3:00 pm ~ Ends on a Monday @ 4:00 pm. Accommodations to be determined. $777 - $1222 To Attend. Payment Plan Offered.


November 17 KAUAI (More information TBA)

Women's 1 Day Retreat

Starts at 7:00 am ~ Ends @ 7:00 pm. Accommodations NOT Included. $288 To Attend ~ $50 Deposit


November 29 - December 1 MIAMI, FL (More information TBA)

Women's 4 Day Retreat

Starts @ 3:00 pm Friday November 29 ~ Ends @ 4:00 pm Monday December 1. Accommodations NOT Included. $975 To Attend ~ $200 Deposit ~ payment plan offered.

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